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Tears both on and off the stage were shed in great abundance. A procession and proclamation of the search for the slipper's owner. At first the sisters would block Cinderella from her chance, but the Prince insists on a fair trial; the slipper fits and Cinderella produces its mate. But no opportunity has been given of late years for a Tragic Pantomimist to make a reputation..." (p. Over her fine bosom falls a cascade of lace ruffles, and nestling in the lace is a large oval diamond the size of a hen's egg. This jewel, as I see it, symbolizes the feminine genital" (pp. Rather than a sex-change he represents a sex-fusion, which is not the case with the Ugly Sisters, played by men, who are like mean brothers depriving Cinderella of her feminity by abuse--a grotesque masquerade.

Cinderella in the kitchen, surrounded by implements. She flees and the stage darkens as Hobgoblin hovers behind the throne. Then Dance Tune becomes more pronounced and Ballerina, the Spirit of Dancing, attended by Hop, Skip, Jump, Quadrille, Waltz, and Hornpipe all enter to sing the praises of dancing. The Prince declares his love for her, though he says he cannot marry her. Dromio leads out Cinderella while the crowd mocks her--"Why, it's the little beggar girl! " All are pleased and Cinderella kisses her haughty sisters.

But nowadays they are carefully written by literary men, and aspire to literary merit.

We must go back to earlier periods, if we will compare things new with old, when the pantomime was a classical production. Rich, to whom their English origin is ascribed, merely revived an old classical form of drama.

Cinderella longs for the impossible ideal figured in Principal Boy (both mother and father figure) and cannot appreciate Buttons, who loves her and "is the only human being in this galaxy of Panto mortals and immortals.

He is the one who makes contact with the children in the audience so that they sing together, shout slogans together, laugh and cry together.

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