Updating jdbc drivers windows sqlserver 2016 sp4

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You can set and request the Compatibility Level with the stored procedure sp_dbcmptlevel.

Please empty the cache of your application to make sure that there is no limited trial-version sitting somewhere anymore. If you use the command Driver Log Stream(System.out) you will see the license text of the employed driver for setting up the connection.

To get a java timestamp from a SQL Server column you need to use a date/time column in the SQL Server database.

If you call get Object on a column that is a timestamp column in the SQL Server then you get a binary object.

If you save data to an ASCII column then SQL Server will convert the unicode from the driver with the codepage of the SQL Server to ASCII.

If you use ASCII data types this is the recommended subprotocol.Type 4 drivers work on all operating systems with a JVM.The JDBC 2.0 driver i-net SPRINTA requires a JVM 1.2 or higher.First thing I did was open the SQL SERVER MANAGER CONSOLE and ensure that the server was still running. After seeing that it was, I restarted it, and that fixed the problem.

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