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“Except his money.” A sensational murder is what links them now.

Earlier this year Celeste Beard Johnson, 40, was convicted of killing her husband, in a case that rocked Austin society.

“But Dad was really happy.” Celeste had often lived hand-to-mouth and had already been married three times; she’d had twin daughters, Jennifer and Kristina, by her first husband, welder Craig Bratcher.

The twins later recalled having a “troubled” relationship with their mother, who they say often neglected them.

Nor did the wealthy retired television executive care that Martinez was a waitress at his country club in Austin, Texas.

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From the start Beard’s three children wondered whether Celeste was out for their father’s fortune.

“I wasn’t happy about the relationship,” says daughter Becky, 50, who has two brothers, Steven III, 54, and Paul, 49.

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