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Plus, you'll get a taste of their cooking skills from afar, which can either give you something to look forward to when you reunite or give you a safe way to come up with restaurant recommendations. Watch a TV show or movie together You both rush to the TV Sunday nights for This way, you experience the emotions of your favorite shows together, and you get to be reminded how cute your SO's laughing face is.

Stream your shows on TV while you Skype each other, or use this handy plug in to stream the show on both your screens at the exact same time. Play truth or dare Silly as it seems, if you want to make memories, this is a great way.

There's a quiz for that, and you can take it together or separately to find out how your answers line up *crosses fingers for Eric and Ariel*. Read together This could be as simple as reading aloud to one another (which is actually a lot of fun for book nerds, okay?

) or starting your own book club and setting aside time each week to discuss what you've read.

If you're both foodies, take some food quizzes; Wondering what Disney couple you two might be?That crowd may be smaller and quieter but it sounds like it’s there that you will find what you’re looking for.A huge part of keeping relationships alive and well is making new memories, which can be hard if your love is long distance.There's bound to be lots of laughs, and comparing your art at the end and seeing who has the best painting skills is always fun, too. Play a game together Words With Friends is awesome, but there's really nothing like watching your love's defeated face live when they realize you just played a triple word that ruined their chances of winning.There are tons of virtual games you can play with your SO in real time, and using Skype to get competitive only makes it more fun. Use your creativity and the gift of video chat to keep your relationship thriving—it'll be worth it in the end.

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