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Nothing in life is guaranteed my friend, but the odds are definitely in your favor if you spend some time here dating and getting to know as many women as you can.In terms of looks Venezuelan girls are a smorgasbord of Native American influences, mashed together with a little bit of something from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Africa.Also called Chapigay, is where all the gay life is concentrated.You can probably find some trannies hanging out in gay bars on weekends.So, let's get down to the business of what the women here are like.

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They're overly macho, and not in a protective way - just in that really cheesy South American "bro dude" way, where it's all about puffing out your chest, shouting at the top of your voice while waving your hands, while also suffering from a terminal case of chronic unemployment.

And she won't just be a handful of minutes late - we're talking at least 30-minutes, and possibly more.

If you call or text her and she says, "I'm just leaving now" that means she's probably getting ready to shower.

It's tough to nail down exactly what they look like because a girl with Spanish and German heritage is going to look completely different to a girl with Native American and African influences. Their attractiveness is in their physicality as much as their aesthetic appeal, which means that most of the women here have bodies to match their looks.

Basically, there are women here to suit every taste in ethnicity, build, intelligence, and personality. If you're from a Western country you're probably used to women being lazy, apathetic slobs with a sense of self-entitlement that could choke an elephant, and that's why South American women are such a breath of fresh air.

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