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There is no doubt the revolution of 1979 plunged relations between Iran and the West into the deep freeze.

One only has to think of the Iranians taking 60 Americans hostage in the US embassy in Tehran that year, a drama recreated in the film Argo, or the SAS storming the Iranian embassy in London in 1980, to understand just how troublesome Iran has been for so long.

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Already Iran’s President Rouhani has made much of Trump’s comments in his only public response to the protests.What’s so fascinating about this week’s clashes is that now the situation is reversed and thousands of young people, as well as minority groups like Kurds, are raging against the Islamic authorities.They are not just chafing at the restrictions on their lifestyle required by the mullahs.In a snapshot that sums up the culture clash between the young and the deeply conservative religious elders who run the country, social media has been fuelling protests against the ruling clerics – and giving the world a window on the discontent spilling on to the streets.The reach of the internet is frustrating the mullahs’ efforts to keep Iranian society, and women in particular, cloistered from the rapidly changing outside world.

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