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Then last night I smelled it again, went into the garage, and he ran out the front thinking I didn't see him.I told him that I just want the truth, but he still denies it.I only wish the best for anyone in these kind of relationships and pray that our significant others can come to an understanding with us or just (at least in my situation) leave us alone.I'd rather be a single mother than be with someone who will alter the way I feel everyday because of his selfish actions. The only difference is that my husband still hasnt stopped and blames it on the stress.When I got pregnant with our first, I gave him an ultimatum.. I have a hard time explaining sometimes why it is such a big deal to me and I think its because I have this ideal image in my head about how my family should be and pot doesn't fit into that mold. He never hit me, yelled at me or lost control while smoking pot. Sure he smoked and continued to smoke when I met him but that was about 8 years ago and well we are all grown up now and need to act like responsible adults and parents.

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It becomes a heck of a lot easier to try something else or lie about something else once you've gotten away with it the first time. i used to smoke it and i loved every waking second of it. About a year after being married he started snorting cocain which almost ended us right there, but he did stop and promised it would never happen again.We have 2 girls together they were 4 & 8 when he left.He also was doing pills or any drug he could get his hands on. Try not to be accusing (you're a liar), men just shut off when you do that.I may have hurt my husband, but it is nothing compared to what he put us through. In California, if you don't have a prescription for Medical Marijuana, you can have up to 1 oz. I have not caught him but anyone whose smoked it before or knows someone who has knows how it smells.The only reason I stuck by him and tried so hard was because I never believed in divorce. Ask yourself, can he hold down a job, keep up with the family and gardening work (or whatever he does around the house) while smoking. Anyways, I feel the same as most of you, it's not the fact that they're smoking it but that they're lying about it, its make you think what else have they lied to us about, the trust is broken and I think that that is the glue for a healthy relationship.

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