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This was also sometimes called 1-0-1 to reflect the on-off nature of the interaction.

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Achilles combines his many backgrounds to create a style of game that is both strong and charismatic, is structured and flows naturally. Fine girls, ugly girls, guys, moms, grandmoms, kids, dogs… What’s weird is two people just standing next to each other all nervous and not saying anything or trying to ignore each other.

Swinggcat was one of the early innovators of "The Game" and a member of the Seduction Community in the late 1990s, studying under Ross Jeffries.

Later he created his own original approach that later became very popular and has since been integrated into many of the approaches used by other dating instructors.

I did a few one on one’s with him, and I think it was the second or, I don’t know what night it was, when I recognized how much better he was than me. And he turned and he shook their hands and when they looked at him, the way they looked at him, especially the blonde, the way she looked at him, and the way she changed right in front of me as she shook his hand, I thought I was getting the Indicator of interest. And both of you have a good time and get your point across, back and forth and leave the interaction, both of you feeling better.

That no matter how confident I was, no matter how I looked, no matter what I did, I was just getting schooled in that area. At that point I’d read everything but I was still trying to show them what I could do. At that moment I realized there is a true art-form in this. I knew it mentally because I’d studied everything I could get my hands on before I met Mystery but it was different. The way she started interacting with him, in a matter of seconds, I knew I was completely outmatched and I wanted that effect, not the one I was having. If you can, you’re going to be great at everything you do.

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